Taylor Intelligence

In 2007 we established Taylor Intelligence as an industry-focused Think Tank to commission independent research, consider the implications of Government strategy and scan the horizon for emerging waste and recycling market trends.

As part of its contribution to the waste industry, Taylor Intelligence has already:

  • reported on how recycling rates can be substantially increased in areas of high density housing in urban areas
  • explored the role of bring sites in achieving future recycling targets in the UK
  • published a guide for developers, architects and planners on improving waste and recycling infrastructures
  • researched commercial recycling among UK businesses, particularly the SME sector

With other, similar work in the pipeline, Taylor Intelligence is not only bringing thought leadership to the waste industry, but also helping our customers stay one-step ahead within their own sectors.

Recent projects include:

Capital Gains from Recycling

A white paper published in September 2010 detailing the effects of aesthetic containers on recycling rates when using of the Taylor node and Street units outside high and low rise residential flats in three London Boroughs with improvements as high as 144%.

Taking Recycling To A New Level

A report published in January 2010 detailing how the use of the Taylor nodeĀ°; outside high and low rise residential flats, increased recycling rates from almost nothing to 2.09kg per household per week.

Cowbins Report

A report detailing the findings of a four month project in Lewisham which saw one participant win Lewisham’s Creative Business of the Year Award and the yield of rubbish collected on the site in question rise by 61% all through the use of Taylor Cowbins.