Architects And Planners

As an architect, planner or developer, you can confidently specify our metal waste and recycling containers knowing that they are the most durable on the market and requiring far less ongoing care and repair than alternative container types.

Integrated into a waste management plan, our waste and recycling solutions can add a new dimension to the management of hi-rise collections and on street recycling. These can then strengthen planning applications, improve the sustainability of developments and make street waste collection and commercial recycling much easier.

Our Urban Solutions range in particular, offers an innovative approach to streamlining street waste containment in communal space and hi-rise recycling areas.

Taylor Node and Street

Taylor Node and Street can bring an aesthetically pleasing freshness to tired-looking bring sites and new developments. With no installation groundwork needed, they can be quickly sited in convenient high footfall areas, and are extremely effective in increasing recycling rates in otherwise low performing sites. For more information download a copy of Urban Solutions: Waste and Recycling Solutions for Planners, Developers & Architects.


Our Underground System removes the traditional waste collection reservoir entirely from public sight by sinking it below ground. This frees up space otherwise allocated to bulky bin storage areas that can be used more profitably for development or parking, while creating more ‘saleable’ vistas in developments, parks, schools and town centres.


Within high density residential and commercial developments the Taylor Chamberlain provides a safe, stable and durable replacement for the Paladin. Specifically designed to fit perfectly into its housing, it solves the problem of waste overspill in domestic chutes by eliminating any side gaps.

Mini-Collection Sites

Ideal for communal areas and hi-rise recycling, the Mini-Collector is a compact storage unit for a 240 litre two-wheeled bin. Durable and modern looking it fits happily into both retail and residential areas. Options include a night safe drum operation that makes it ideal for food waste collection.