National Waste Contractor

The ability to supply, an unrivalled wide-ranging product portfolio in volume – from kerbside boxes, food caddies, office recycling containers and of course our industry benchmark 4 wheeled recycling and commercial waste bins means that Taylor is perfectly positioned to support your business operation. We can provide flexibility and a second-to-none service levels to support all you’re large scale or national waste management contracts.

Our metal waste and recycling containers are the most durable on the market and give you the option to collect high density waste as well as lightweight recyclates.

Reliably strong, our market-leading Continental bins, are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of every day use so you’ll maintain the investment value of your assets through a contract’s lifetime. And, unlike their plastic equivalents, you won’t need to allow for replacement of our waste and recycling containers through fire loss or irreparable damage, which will give you greater control over your bin fleet costs.

Improve Cashflow

By using our Taylor Rental Option you can remove capital outlay to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise without impacting on your cashflow. Taylor Rental also offers you the opportunity to run back to back agreements alongside your client contracts which means that your rental payments can run in tandem with your collection fees, so in reality you won’t have any outlay on bins throughout the contract duration.

Rapid Volume Supply, Guaranteed

With the need to service new and existing national contracts you need a supplier who can match demand with delivery – guaranteed. Taylor is the only UK based manufacturer to produce in excess of 100,000 containers per year, and with a delivery level in excess of 98% you can be assured that whatever your contractual needs, Taylor can be relied upon to support your business, whether you need ten or ten thousand.

Product Development

Taylor operates a unique R&D team to support new product development such as our new Duo bin, aimed to allow the collection of separate waste stream in commercial premises with limited storage space. Our R&D team are there to support you in the development of new solutions in an ever changing world.

Service innovation

With over 45 years experience in servicing the needs of national contractors Taylor is skilled at working in partnership to develop new service innovations to support you in bids for new contracts; our innovation provides you with the commercial advantage.