Private Commercial Contractor

Whether you’re new in the market, or already well established, we can help you strengthen and expand your business through our range of commercially-focused products and services – from our range of Continental waste bins to meet all your clients needs, recycling containers to bin rental and bin repair services – all helping you maximise your profits.

Immediate solutions

Through innovation and constant development we’ve built a wide-ranging portfolio of market leading products. This gives you an integrated and complete one-stop source for waste containment and recycling containers – so you can quickly and responsively match the needs of your current and future customers.

Brand identity

Build upon your company image with bespoke bins to reflect your corporate image and promote your services. Taylor operates the widest range of body colour options and lid colour combinations as well as our in-house logo design studio which all means that while your bins are in the public domain they are professionally promoting your business.

Maintain your investment

Our waste and recycling containers are the most durable on the market. Their galvanised steel construction and quality manufacture means they’ll withstand tough day-to-day handling and, unlike their plastic equivalents, you won’t suffer the cost and inconvenience of loss to fire or irreparable damage. Our bin refurbishment facility, on site repair services and extensive stockholding of spares will keep your keep your containers earning money instead of being out of action in your depot. All of this means you get true-life time value from your assets.

Security and safety

For extra security in public areas, our lid locks restrict access and plundering of your waste and recycling containers, while locking posts and wheel anchors help prevent container theft.

Short notice supply

Volume manufacture means you’ll have your bins sooner – three weeks is standard, but we can deliver faster if you need to respond to a customer’s needs, meet contractual obligations or take advantage of a ‘windfall’ opportunity. That’s a market-leading level of service only possible through UK manufacture.

Why buy?

By using our bin rental service you can match your growth to revenues and protect your cashflow, take advantage of fresh opportunities, or invest in other equipment and facilities. For more details check out our Taylor Rental option.