Private Municipal Contractor

With a national field based team of managers working in conjunction Local Authorities and a market penetration of over 90% in the municipal market, who else is better positioned to help with your municipal contract operation?

Taylor understand the requirements of both the public and private sector to deliver enhanced services and increase recycling levels so we are ideally suited to supply the products and services to allow both parties to meet their objectives.

Range diversity

With so many aspects of a municipal contract being combined, Taylor can offer a single supply route for all elements of products required, from food caddies, kerbside boxes, wheelie bins and of course our 4 wheeled commercial and domestic containers. This delivers a quality of service and economies of scale through combined purchasing and reduced account administration.

Service innovation

By linking your service contract into an asset management preventative maintenance plan, Taylor can deliver an ongoing cost saving to your municipal operation by maintaining your bin fleet and keeping assets in a full working condition, allowing you to focus your attention on the delivery of other contractual services.

Improve Productivity

The structural strength of our metal waste and recycling containers means they aren’t as susceptible as plastic to fire-loss or irreparable damage, and, with their greatly extended repair and refurbishment cycles, our bins stay working for you longer, and with far fewer problems.

Future-Proof Your Service

All our new and refurbished waste collection and recycling containers are pre-fitted with unique Tagsafeā„¢ chip holders, so no expensive or time-consuming modification of bins when you need to add an RFID chip for data capture. This allows for tracking of assets in field and the recording of waste data and bin weights in commercial operations.

Better Fleet Control

Use our live management information and asset management services and you’ll always ensure your bins are in the right place at the right time for an even more productive container fleet.

Why Buy?

Our Rental Option means you can bid for and operate outsourced municipal contracts without the need for initial capital outlay at the commencement of an agreement, instead you can manage payments throughout the term of the agreement allowing for the funds to be invested in other areas of your bid or business.