EN840 Safety Awareness Campaign

Taylor launches EN840 safety awareness campaign for the waste and recycling industry in response to HSE calls for improvements and greater vigilance

Recent figures released by the HSE show that the Waste and Recycling Industry is one of the most dangerous in the UK; The combined fatal and major injury rate in waste and recycling is more than four times the average across all industries. In response, Taylor has launched a national safety awareness campaign to help educate those responsible for buying bins about the relevant guidelines and key points that need to be considered when selecting products. In tough economic times, it is especially important to remember that selecting the wrong product could ultimately put workers at risk of injury, leave organisations open to the full force of an HSE investigation and possible legal consequences including heavy fines and prosecution.

Commenting on the campaign and the current attitude to safety in the industry Peter Selkirk, Taylor CEO, says: “As an industry we cannot afford to sit still when it comes to health and safety. Taylor has made a commitment to ensure that all its products are produced, and maintained, to the highest standards. Only by being properly informed of these standards will those who work in the industry be able to make the right decision; protecting the safety of workers, customers and the general public.”

As a leader in the industry, with an excellent track record of health and safety, Taylor is embarking on a nationwide campaign to educate those in decision making capacities, regarding waste handling and waste container equipment. The company is providing information about the standards set-out in the relevant parts of the EN840 standard and the critical requirements of the WISH guidelines.

The campaign includes an educational guide to the main points of the relevant EN840 and WISH guidelines as well as a poster for the workplace and a powerful video. The guide delivers information on how purchasers can ensure they comply with the guidelines and some of the dangers of non-compliance. Further material will include an advertising campaign, case studies on recent industry related accidents and information on the rigorous testing that EN840 compliant containers are subjected to.

All campaign materials are available from the Taylor website at www.taylorbins.co.uk/EN840

As part of its individual commitment to health and safety, Taylor has invested in its own Test House; the UK’s only fully certified R&D facility that offers regular testing that goes beyond the requirements of EN840 accreditation and is validated every six months by external UKAS certified auditors. The facility has enabled Taylor to take the lead in developing waste containers that are as safe as possible across the widest range of operating conditions. This is achieved by mercilessly reproducing the most demanding real-world operating conditions in the test centre.

Peter Selkirk continues: “Waste bins have been taken for granted for many years, but this is because the majority of the items in use today are of a high quality standard. It is imperative that this standard is maintained, and the potential risks made plain to those who may be considering using equipment that does not conform to the relevant standards. HSE inspectors also operate in the real world; and it is their job to help people understand that good health and safety practice saves money: reducing risk effectively protects a company’s bottom line.”



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EN840 Compliant

Taylor take safety seriously and independently test our containers every six months to ensure EN840 compliance for your piece of mind.

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We are proud to have been awarded certification standards for our products and services including EN840 to ISO 9001 and 14001.

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Continental Range

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