Continental 1280L

The 1280 Continental offers a number of advantages compared to other bins. For example the capacity of the 1280 is significantly increased over an 1100 Litre bin while sitting in exactly the same footprint. This allows you to collect more waste without taking up any more street space. It also means that less frequent collections are needed which allow significant fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions. As a result more and more Local Authorities are switching from an 1100L to a 1280L bin to maximise efficiency and save on CO2 emissions and fuel.

Advantages of a 1280L

  • More waste capacity allowing for less frequent collections.
  • Convenient space saving design (sits in same footprint as 1100).
  • Saves time, fuel and CO2 due to less frequent collection rounds.
  • Available with Towing and Fork Lift Pocket Options.
  • Range of colour colour and lid options.
  • Fully EN840 certified.



  • All Containers are internally seam welded to ensure water-tightness and prevent the ingress of waste into the joins, thus preventing premature corrosion.
  • All Containers are fully hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 after assembly to ensure a hard wearing and corrosion resistant coating.
  • All containers are fully EN 840 compliant (where applicable) to certify a safe and quality product is supplied, and to ensure the product is compatible with all known lifting devices.
  • The patented top frame is an unbroken pressed steel tube designed to give maximum rigidity to the container during lifts for a longer life span.
  • The patented comb bar is Rolled section tube with step profile to ensure maximum rigidity, and safe and efficient fit on vehicle lifts. Lifting bar must integrate with all refuse collection vehicles meeting the specification in the European Standard EN 15.