Continental 500L

The smallest of the Continental range, the Continental® 500 is ideal for both your indoor and outdoor waste storage needs with the ability to fit through a standard sized doorway due to its small footprint and compact design.

EN840 certified the Continental 500 is built with quality in mind and is ideal for collecting heavy waste whilst maintaining safety. It offers over 10 years proven performance making it cheaper compared to its plastic alternatives over the containers lifetime.

The Continental 500 litre is also available with Fork Lift Pockets or a Foot Operated Lid as well as a wide range of colours and other options.



  • All Containers are internally seam welded to ensure water-tightness and prevent the ingress of waste into the joins, thus preventing premature corrosion.
  • All Containers are fully hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 after assembly to ensure a hard wearing and corrosion resistant coating.
  • Container is designed to fit through a standard sized doorframe to allow ease of access to indoor storage or collection areas.
  • The patented top frame is an unbroken pressed steel tube designed to give maximum rigidity to the container during lifts for a longer life span.
  • The patented comb bar is Rolled section tube with step profile to ensure maximum rigidity, and safe and efficient fit on vehicle lifts. Lifting bar must integrate with all refuse collection vehicles meeting the specification in the European Standard EN 15.

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  • Continental 500

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  • Options available for the Continental 500l are:
    • A Range of Lid Colours
    • Embossing
    • Food Waste Internal Coating
    • Foot Operated Lid
    • A Range of Logos
    • A Range of Body Colours
    • 160mm Castors
    • External Fork Pockets
    • Indent Handles
    • Standard Lid
    • Hook Lock
    • Tag Safe
    • Locking Post Bracket
    • Tow Eye & Hitch

  • This product is ideal for heavy waste, confined spaces, internal storage, food waste. The continental 500 can also be shipped worldwide. To find out more visit our International Page.