Cow Bins

Taylor Cowbins are available as a 1100 litre “Cowbin” or the 500 litre “Calfbin”, Cowbins instantly get people talking rubbish and can increase participation in recycling by as much as 61%, whilst the attractive design has helped reduce graffiti in public spaces.

Cowbins are a fun and quirky way of catching the public eye and imagination, making them ideal for schools and other customers who want to break away from the herd and stand out from the crowd.



  • All Containers are internally seam welded to ensure water-tightness and prevent the ingress of waste into the joins, thus preventing premature corrosion.
  • All Containers are fully hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 after assembly to ensure a hard wearing and corrosion resistant coating.
  • The aesthetic nature of the design attracts attention encourages participation in the use of the containers.
  • Multiple lids available for various waste streams.
  • All containers come with a comb bar ready for a RFID chip to be installed according to BS EN 14803:2006 to enable easy upgrades to a full scale electronic waste collection system.


Global Shipping

Global Shipping

This product can be shipped worldwide. Contact Us now or click below to visit our International section and find out more.

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Printing Bin Logos

Get Your Message Across

Our in house logo designers and printers can help you to develop a bin that gets your recycling information or branding across to users.

Stacked Containers

Why Choose Taylor?

If you think a bin is just a bin, find out why we are proud of our market leading standards and quality with over 50 years experience.

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Quality and Standards

Quality & Standards

We are proud to have been awarded certification standards for our products and services including EN840 to ISO 9001 and 14001.

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