Noise Reducing dBin

The Taylor dBin has been specifically designed to reduce the amount of noise created when recycling glass in a steel Taylor container. Glass recycling often poses a problem because of the loud noises created when putting glass material into the bins. This can create an issue especially when the bins are situated in built up urban areas where the noise can easily irritate nearby residents.

Developed by our own in-house R&D team the Taylor dBin has been proven to be an impressive 22 decibels quieter when tested against a standard bin with no lining at all, which is a significant improvement.

The Taylor dBin works by fitting a felt-type lining which works as a material insulation into the bin which provides a ‘sound deadening’ effect. The lining can be treated so that it is fully water proof and robust ensuring that it will last for a considerable amount of time.

The sound reducing lining can also be placed in to any of your current bins. The dBin lining can be placed into your existing bins, combining with the Taylor refurbishment service. Alternatively you can request any new bin orders to have the lining fitted.

To find out more information please call customer services on: 01299 251 333

Sound Reducing Bin