We offer a collection of products specifically designed to ensure your containers security, from our range of lid locks and clamps to prevent unauthorised access to the container. To central locking castors, wheel anchors and container retainers, designed to prevent the movement of your bins. If your bin’s security is important to you, then Taylor have the answer.

Central Locking

Designed to enhance the security of a standard brake assembly on 1280L and 1100L containers this foot operated locking system is perfect for recycling containers located in public spaces to ensure they are not accidentally moved.

Lid Clamp

Fitting tightly over the lid area the Taylor Lid clamp can be used to manage customer bad debt situations at source rather than the costly removal of a bin from site whilst payment is being agreed. The highly visible text means that crews can instantly see that a bin is not to be serviced.

Wheel Anchors

Quick and easy to fit, the Taylor Wheel Anchor is ideally suited for securing a container in an area with restricted space. Automatically clamping to the wheel it provides additional security whilst being swiftly released by collection crews with the use of a key.

Bin Frames

The Taylor 4 wheeled Bin Frame enables operators, collectors and local authorities to secure single and multiple bins at designated locations. This ensures the security of the bins, preventing unauthorised movement of the bin as well as providing a central location for community recycling. The frame design allows bin crews to efficiently gain access to the bin, empty it and then easily return, as the gate is fitted with a slamlock.

Container Locking Post

The ultimate locking system, designed to secure any standard continental container. This system makes the secure storage of containers simple to use by operators with a locking catch mechanism, and renders the container immobile. Fully tested the retainer is easy to mount on the floor and built to last from galvanised steel. A specialist variant is also available for 360L and 240L domestic wheelie bins for use in public spaces such as parks and lay byes.

Locks and Lids

Don’t forget that Taylor also provides an extensive range of lid locking solutions. Whether you are looking to buy a new container, want to change the usage of an existing bin or need a new locking mechanism as a spare our interchangeable solutions are just the parts you are looking for. Taylor lid locks include, Diamond key locks in hooked or straight cam configurations, gravity lever locks and New Forest stems with Standard and Fire Brigade padlocks available.