Lids & Accessories

Taylor offers a wide range of lids to suit different requirements. Robust double skinned, rotary moulded plastic they are available in a variety of colours from standard black Trade Lids to Orange flap recycling, ensuring a different needs are met. So whether you want your lid to blend in with the environment or make it stand out we will produce a lid that is specifically ideal for you. We also have a range of lids that are not covered on this page or Spares Brochure. For example, the specialist steel lid.

However, if you can think of something unique that you can’t see covered,  then get in contact with us and challenge our highly experienced team to come up with something.

Standard Lid
The innovative rotary moulded, double skinned lid is water proof and extra strong. The lid lock plug can be removed for easy post fitting of a lid lock. Available in a range of colours.

Brush Lid
This two aperture brush entry port lid is ideal for glass, can and plastics recycling (picture shows 1100l size) available in a wide choice of of colours from our range.

Flap Lid
Designed for paper or plastics recycling (picture shows the Flap opening lid is available in a wide choice of colours from our range.

940 Chamberlain Lid
Standard black lid for our 940l Chamberlain

F.E.L Lid- Black
Replacement lid for FEL.

Bag of Lid Hinge Plug & Stem
Replacement Plug & Stem only

Lid Assembly Kit Mk5 – Pin
Kit consists of Hinge bar + 2 x seloc pins

Lid Assembly Kit 940
Kit consists of Hinge bar for 940 container +left & right hinge points + fasteners, If no hinge points required then please quote LBK04.