Taylor Push2Lock

The Taylor Push2LockTM was developed to meet customer demands in partnership with some key organisations within the market sector.

The main advantages of the Taylor Push2LockTM is prevent contamination within recycling collections due to its unique key shape, which has steered away from the traditional triangle drive. This eliminates members of the public gaining access to the container purposes. Secondly, the product allows the end user or bin crew to lock the lid without the need for a key; simply slam the lid shut, as the name suggests. This helps eliminate the possibility of the end user or bin crew failing to lock the lid if using a key in the traditional manner.

As the key is used to unlock the container the lid automatically pops up to make the end user aware that the lid is unlocked, making easy identification to locked or unlocked containers. It also allows bin crews to safely and effectively use the containers during the emptying cycle without hindrance.

Taylor Push2Lock

Taylor Push2Lock

Taylor Push2Lock

The Taylor Push2LockTM can be fitted to a range of new containers with many different variant lids.

The Taylor Push2LockTM can be retrospectively fitted to existing containers out in the field; provided they meet the criteria set out within this document.

The Taylor Push2LockTM is maintenance free, but periodic cleaning and lubrication will help prolong the life expectancy against general wear and tear brought about by external factors such as on-going usage and weather conditions.

The Taylor Push2LockTM has been bench tested for over 30,000 continuous applications without any signs of fatigue or premature wear which could lead to failures.



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