Towing Spares & Accessories

Taylor’s unique removable link system for the Continental Containers provides a safe, practical answer to all towing requirements. Taylor recommends that any container which is to be towed should be fitted with two fixed castors or two swivel castors complete with directional locks, at one end of the container and that no more than four containers are towed at any one time. Please contact us if you need more information on “Towing guidelines” of technical.

Tow Link- Bin To Bin
This link connects the containers together and can be used to limit the number of containers which can be towed at one time to meet safety requirements.

Tow Link- Bin To Tug
This link connects the lead container to the towing vehicle, generally only on bin to tug link is required per vehicle.

Tow Kit- Removable link
Tow eye & Bracket, Back Plate & Fixings

Tow Eye
Tow eye used for conventional towing containers that use tow links.

Tow Bracket
Tow Bracket used for conventional towing containers that use two links.