Urban Solutions


Urban Solutions Overview

By bringing aesthetic, practical and tough waste collection and on street recycling solutions to communal and open spaces our Urban Solutions range is leading the way in raising participation rates in high density housing areas where involvement’s traditionally low and with recycling on the go projects.

Together our Node and Street systems are redefining the look of waste collection and recycling in public spaces, through aesthetically pleasing and innovative, highly practical design.

These highly innovative and practical products can easily be sited in prime locations, enabling architects, planners, and developers to create more attractive and sustainable outdoor spaces for waste users and recycling programmes.


Modern-looking and durable, our Urban Solutions range fit seamlessly into both residential and retail developments. Sited in high footfall areas, they provide a high-convenience focus for street waste collection and hi-rise recycling.

Easy Installation

Surface solutions, such as our Node and Street, require minimal set up with no expensive or disruptive groundworks. Both products offer eye-pleasing multiple container options that break away from standard thinking about on street waste collection and encourage recycling participation.


Taylor have over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of waste and recycling containers, delivering to you the peace of mind that whatever system you chose to implement it will be fit for purpose and designed to easily sustain the rigorous environments in which they operate.


In high rise domestic housing our Chamberlain is a perfect replacement for the traditional Paladin urban bin. Uniquely designed to fit exactly into its housing, by eliminating surrounding gaps, the Chamberlain prevents waste overspill from domestic chutes.