2 Wheeled Wheelie Bin Frames

Within the Taylor secure-a-Bin Range our new 2 Wheeled  Bin Frames allow operators, collectors and local authorities to secure single and multiple bins at designated locations. This ensures the security of the bins, preventing unauthorised movement of the bin as well as providing a central location for community recycling. The frame design allows bin crews to efficiently gain access to the bin, empty it and then easily return, as the gate is fitted with a slamlock.





  • The aesthetic nature of the design attracts attention encourages participation in the use of the containers.
  • Experienced Taylor can assemble and install your bin frames in only 2 hours per bin.
  • Taylor Bin Frames can be beneficial to a range of environments such as public parks, social housing, community housing, waste collection facilities and recycling facilities.


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  • 2 Wheeled Bin Frame Technical Drawing

    2w tech draw

  • The options available for  Taylor Bin Frames are:
    • Logo/Vinyl
    • Groundworks
    • installation
    • Extra frames
    • Lid restraint
    • Signage

  • This product is ideal for recycling on the go, high footfall areas, high density housing, parks, bring sites, new housing developments. This product can also be shipped worldwide. To find out more visit our International Page.