Taylored Solutions RefurbishmentAgainst a backdrop of budget cuts and growing pressure on organisations to achieve more for less, Taylor has developed its Refurbishment programme in order to make our customers’ bin fleet management as cost effective as possible – and all without compromising on quality.

“With Taylor’s Refurbishment programme, new projects do not necessarily mean new bins.”

Regardless of size and model, Taylor will collect bins from our customers’ depots before transporting them to our dedicated in-house refurbishment facility. From fire damage and dents to graffiti and structural damage, our team of skilled engineers then restores each unit, including replacing standard Taylor castors, lids, logos* and providing a new, painted finish.

As part of the refurbishment programme, customers can convert their bins to include towing capability and a variety of lid designs and colours.

For a cost effective and sustainable way in which to manage your bin fleet, contact Taylor’s aftercare team on 01299 251 333 or complete our online contact form.

With Taylor’s Refurbishment
programme, customers receive:

  • A ten point inspection of each bin submitted prior to them being returned;
  • Peace of mind that each unit has been restored by an in-house team of skilled Taylor engineers;
  • Reassurance that their newly refurbished units bear all the hallmarks of a genuine Taylor product for up to 40 per cent of the cost of a new container.

Taylored Solutions Refurbishment - Before


Taylored Solutions Refurbishment - After


*The first two panels are included within the price. Subsequent additions are chargeable.